Hello from the Petrified Forest!

Hello! Iā€™m Dan. I am interested in molding the ancient, Earth-made medium of clay into useful functional forms that are strange and satisfying to hold and behold.  I've been interested in clay since I was a kid, first studying pottery in high school in suburban Chicago and then in college.  After a long post-BFA hiatus from making art and craft, I have fully thrown myself into the exploration that is possible by curiously engaging clay and experimenting with and refining new ideas.  

Though I've lived in Portland since 2008, it wasn't until I started throwing at Georgie's in 2016 that I got serious about clay.  When not working in my NE Portland pottery studio I run my bike shop and create progressive post-metal / dream-pop jams called From The Petrified Forest.  Come on, feel the noise.